“We want to help you make your school a civic engagement and voter registration hub for your entire community. We'll help provide the tools, training, support, and connections to make the efforts at your school a success... This is bigger than one party or one election, it's about empowering the next generation to make their mark on the future.”

—Michelle Obama

My School Votes is an action-oriented civics program where students learn by doing. We build student leadership, advocate for local issues, create exceptional voter registration campaigns, and together, launch young people into cycles of life-long civic engagement.

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MSV Programming:

Civics 101

Civics 101 pairs “Constructive”, to promote development or creation, with “Civics”, the rights and duties of citizenship, Civics 101 is an interactive program where students learn by doing. This year-long advocacy and organizing training program takes civics outside of the classroom and offers students the opportunity to apply civic lessons to real word scenarios. Each training leads to an activity and each activity supports WWAV’s mission to close the race and age gaps in voter participation while changing the culture around voting. Civics 101 is delivered through MSV Clubs.

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MSV Clubs
MSV Clubs provide an opportunity for students in grades 9-12 to become civic leaders while changing the culture of civics and voting in their school communities. Starting an MSV Club allows access to the MSV community and to MSV’s Constructive Civics program where students will learn how to build campaigns to both address local issues and register their peers to vote by actually doing both! MSV Club members will gain the skills necessary to lead along with a deep understanding of their government and how they can see change happen. MSV Clubs will see that all eligible students are registered to vote each year while embedding civics into the fabric of a school.

Institutional Voter Registration
A significant feature of MSV programming, our institutional partnerships focus on collaboration with larger organizations that maintain high frequency interfaces with students of eligible voter registration age. Institutional partners are provide
d a branded online voter registration portal that can be utilized in online interactions with students and standardize voter registration as part of that organization’s processes. Partners are offered an orientation and guidance on best practices along with an entry point into MSV programming.

Civics Blue Ribbon Lessons Program
Michelle Obama and My School Votes will periodically highlight and endorse civics lessons from around the country to focus attention on quality lessons educators can use in their classrooms and raise awareness for civics programming.

Parent Read Alouds
Geared towards children in Kindergarten through 5th, Parent Read Alouds feature Michelle Obama, WWAV co-chairs, and parents from around the country reading civics themed children’s literature paired with tangible learning opportunities for parents to engage in with their children.

Civics Mentor Pipeline
MSV’s Civics Mentor Pipeline connects middle school with senior high school students and high school seniors with college-aged  former MSV’ers. The pipeline is centered on ensuring students stay on a path of civic engagement and have access to civic opportunities.


“This organization was truly life changing and it brought me out of one of the darkest places of my life. It is truly the most fulfilling thing I have ever participated in and I wouldn’t change anything.”
— Rachel, Grade 10, J.R. Arnold High School

“Education programming should be primarily concerned with activating students’ curiosity and confidence to the point that they want to share their learning, ideas, and passions with the world. My School Votes’ active civics programming infuses civics learning in the K-12 classroom, while giving students years of experience in being active members of their community. With this program, students leave high school with a wealth of knowledge that they will truly know how to apply it.”
— Yaasiyn Muhammed, Assistant Principal, George Washington High School

“I honestly have a newfound respect for my generation. I have opinions that differ from many others in MSV, but I never really felt like I was judged for my views. I always see on social media people posting “if you support X, block me” and I lost faith in bipartisanship. MSV completely turned that around and I am extremely glad for it.”
— Clayton, Grade 12, Estero High School

“My School Votes provided our district with essential tools to engage students in a meaningful and effective High School Voter Registration Drive. Our students were highly motivated and excited to encourage their fellow classmates to register!”
— Dr. Louise Ball, Curriculum Supervisor, Broward County Public Schools

National Advisory Council

Addi Lee, Student
Archer High School
Los Angeles, CA

Adrian Lopez, Student
Southwest Miami High School, Miami-Dade Public Schools
Miami, FL

Akil Cole, Student
Georgetown University
Miami, FL

Alvin Glymph, Director of Grants and Partnerships
Dekalb County School District
Dekalb County, GA

Chris Rhodenbaugh, Social Studies Teacher
Midtown High School, Atlanta Public Schools
Atlanta, GA

Cris Wiley, Civics and Economics Teacher
RJ Reynolds High School, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Winston Salem, NC

Eric Forteza, Student
Harvard University
Miami, FL

Kelli Jordan, Executive Director of School Support and Improvement
New Orleans College Prep
New Orleans, LA

Louise Ball, Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor
Broward County Public Schools
Broward County, FL

Michelle Mairena, Student
Miami-Lakes Education Center, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Dade, FL

Naomi Khalil, Director, Office of Equity, Advocacy, and Civil Rights
Detroit Public Schools Community District 
Detroit, MI

Priscilla Grijalva, School Counselor
Norte Vista High, Alvord Unified School District
Riverside, CA

Regina Wallace, Coordinator, K-12 Social Studies
Clayton County Public Schools
Clayton County, GA

Sofia Arlen, Student
MAST Academy, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Miami, FL

Yaasiyn Muhammed, Assistant Principal
George Washington High School, The School District of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA