Washington D.C. Admission Act

The Washington D.C. Admission Act would provide the 712,000 residents who are predominantly Black and Brown living in D.C. a political voice. Right now, D.C. residents are denied full citizenship and representation in Congress, despite paying more money in taxes than 22 states.

If passed, the Washington D.C. Admission Act would admit the state of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth — in honor of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass — into the union, providing DC residents with full representation in our democracy.

The exclusion of Washington D.C. from the United States remains a civil rights and voting rights issue. By denying a city that is home to mostly Black and Brown Americans the rights to have their voices represented in our federal government, we are only deepening the racial inequalities persistent in our institutions and across our country.

With 86% of D.C. residents in favor of statehood, it is time that Congress acts and listens to the underrepresented voices of Washington D.C. residents.

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