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Here’s what you need to know  to ensure your voice is heard in every election. Learn the voting regulations and requirements in your state, how to request your ballot, how to find your polling place, and more.



Don’t wait until the last minute to register to vote or check your registration.  Take action now!

  • Register to vote
  • Check your voter registration status
  • Cast your ballot and make your voice heard in the next election
make your voice heard
know your

get the facts

Voter suppression is any attempt to make it harder for us to make our voices heard and continues to be a real challenge today — especially for Black and Brown voters, and young people. Don’t let it stop you. Get the facts about your voting rights, help us fight voter suppression and ensure your voice is heard in each and every election.


June 2024

, 100 Gray Ave, Santa Barbara, CA
I am registering voters for Pride Month on Juneteenth in my community!
, 8831 Railroad Dr, El Paso, TX
I am registering voters in my community for the Juneteenth Weekend of Action with When We All Vote!
Starbucks, 2504 Somersville Rd, Antioch, CA
I am registering voters for Pride Month in my community!
Summitridge Park, 1425 Summitridge Dr, Diamond Bar, CA
I am registering voters for Pride Month in my community at our Diamond Bar Concerts in the Park events. Concerts in the Park is a Diamond Bar City Rec...


Protecting our democracy takes work, and we need you! Volunteer to register voters in your community by  becoming a Chapter Leader, joining our My School Votes program, or taking action with us in your community. Join us!

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