Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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When We All Vote’s ‘Culture of Democracy Summit’ will bring together industry leaders across sectors to have a national conversation about the role everyone plays in protecting and expanding democracy

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, When We All Vote announced that the organization will host the inaugural Culture of Democracy Summit June 10th-13th in Los Angeles, CA featuring Co-Chair and Founder Michelle Obama as the keynote speaker. This nonpartisan convening will bring together artists, athletes, academics, musical guests, grassroots organizers and leaders in technology, civics and corporations to discuss the role different industries play in protecting and strengthening democracy through voter registration, education, mobilization and culture change.

The Summit will include virtual programming on Friday, June 10th, and in-person convenings and experiences on June 11th and 12th. On Monday, June 13th there will be a final series of conversations on the mainstage culminating with Mrs. Obama’s keynote speech. The conversations will focus on how to work together every year toward a collective mission to protect democracy and ensure every American has equal access to the ballot box ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.

“The Culture of Democracy Summit is rooted in When We All Vote’s mission to change the culture around voting and increase participation in each and every election,” said Stephanie L. Young, When We All Vote Executive Director. “Democracy isn’t just a box we check every four years, voting must be embedded in all aspects of our culture — the movements we lead, the music we dance to, the content we consume, and the values we share. As we head into the midterm elections, make no mistake our democracy remains under threat and we all play a role in protecting and expanding it. From the shows we binge watch to the conversations we have online and in our communities, we are all culture creators and we all play a role in fighting for our democracy in 2022 and beyond.” 

The Summit will connect issues that are important to voters, such as criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, climate justice and voting rights, with participating in democracy from the federal level down to local elected officials, who make up 96 percent of all elected positions in the United States. It will also feature conversations with artists, entertainment, corporate and athletic leaders on the roles different industries play in educating and mobilizing voters year-round and an awards ceremony honoring industry leaders who are already taking on this work.

The Summit is being produced by Live Nation Urban. All Summit events, with the exception of a smaller gathering, will be held outside and follow all CDC Covid-19 protocols. Announcements about speakers, ticketing and the agenda are forthcoming. Visit to sign up for updates.

ABOUT When We All Vote: 

When We All Vote is a leading national, nonpartisan initiative on a mission to change the culture around voting and to increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the race and age gap. Created by Michelle Obama, When We All Vote brings together individuals, institutions, brands, and organizations to register new voters across the country and advance civic education for the entire family and voters of every age to build an informed and engaged electorate for today and generations to come. We empower our supporters and volunteers to take action through voting, advocating for their rights, and holding their elected officials accountable.

In 2020, When We All Vote ran a robust, multifaceted campaign and reached more than 100 million people to educate them about the voting process and get them registered and ready to vote. The initiative also led in voter education, registration, and volunteer engagement and as a result, 512,000 people started or completed the voter registration process, and nearly 500 media, corporate, and nonprofit partners joined its efforts.

Michelle Obama launched When We All Vote in 2018 and is joined by fellow Co-Chairs Stephen Curry, Becky G, Selena Gomez, Tom Hanks, H.E.R., Liza Koshy, Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Megan Rapinoe, Shonda Rhimes, Bretman Rock, Kerry Washington, and Rita Wilson.

When We All Vote is an initiative of Civic Nation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and works with Civic Nation Action, a 501(c)(4). Learn more here.

ABOUT Civic Nation:

Civic Nation is a nonprofit ecosystem for high-impact organizing and education initiatives working to build a more inclusive and equitable America. Civic Nation shifts culture, systems, and policy by bringing together individuals, grassroots organizers, industry leaders and influencers to tackle some of our nation’s most pressing social challenges. Civic Nation is home to seven national initiatives and campaigns: ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, Change Collective, It’s On Us, Online for All, SAVE On Student Debt, We The Action, and When We All Vote. Learn more here.

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