Scavenger Hunt



Scavenger Hunt

The 2023 Scavenger Hunt gives all My School Votes students the chance to learn more about their local government while participating in fun activities with their club. The scavenger hunt is open to all current MSV schools or any schools seeking to become part of the MSV community. 

Here's what to do:


Take a look at the list of activities below.


Students and teachers choose four activities to complete as a club.


Snap a photo of your club completing the activity (bonus points if you’ve got your My School Votes or When We All Vote gear!)


 Share your pictures with MSV by email, send it in the Student GroupMe, or post on social media and tag @myschoolvotes.


Fill out this form to let us know how the scavenger hunt went and which activities you did.

Scavenger Hunt Activities:

Observe (either virtually or in person) a City Council or School Board meeting 

Help 5 people (bonus points if they’re high-schoolers!) check their registration or newly register to vote – if you’re already an MSV Club, use your club’s voter registration portal! If you’re not yet a part of MSV’s network, you can use

Look up the information of your local, state, and federal elected officials
Write a letter or make a call advocating for an issue you care about to your local legislator

Interview a local legislator about an issue you care about 


Attend a local direct action: can be a march, protest, or sit-in


Attend MSV’s Voter Registration training on April 18! Learn more here.

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