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No American should ever have to make the choice to risk their health or the safety of their family to cast their ballot. As our country continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, it is now more important than ever that voters have fair and safe access to registering and voting. That is why When We All Vote strongly supports efforts to expand access to:

  1. Vote by mail
  2. Early in-person voting, and
  3. Online voter registration

Supporting these efforts ensures that every American can participate in our Democracy without causing unnecessary risk to our public health or preventing voters from the opportunity to cast their ballot in the remaining primaries and general election.

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Here’s how we’re fighting for safe and fair elections across the country: 

Vote By Mail

Vote by mail means that registered voters can get their ballot in the mail which they can cast and return from the safety and convenience of their home. It is a safe and easy method of voting that is proven to increase participation. Every state has an option to vote by mail, but access to getting a ballot is not the same for each state. Currently, there are five states that conduct all elections entirely by mail and automatically send you a ballot. The rest of the country offers absentee voting that first asks for you to request a ballot, but only twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia offer no-excuse absentee voting.

How do I vote by mail in my state?

Expanding access to vote by mail for all Americans 

Vote-by-mail could be the only safe and secure option for some Americans. States must expand overall access to vote-by-mail utilizing best practices and provide additional assistance to those in need. We believe in vote-by-mail best practices, including: 

  1. All registered voters should receive mail-in ballots with pre-paid postage for mail return and be provided with a list of options as to how to cast their completed ballots. 
  2. More options to request, receive and return mail-in ballots in a safe and secure way. States should offer: 
    • Multiple options for requesting, receiving, and returning mail-in ballots while maintaining the security of our voting system; 
    • Multiple ways to request mail-in ballots, including online, in person, by phone, and by mail; 
    • Safe and secure options for returning ballots by expanding deadlines for mail-in ballots to be requested and returned.

Early In-Person Voting 

While many Americans should have the choice to vote by mail, it is crucial that we still provide in-person voting options, making them as safe as possible. Expanded early voting will allow voters to cast their ballot a few days or sometimes weeks before Election Day. This will help voters to adhere to social distancing protocols, ensure election officials are properly prepared, and ensure those who can’t vote on election day have an opportunity to vote in-person.

Online Voter Registration 

Voter registration should be as simple as possible to ensure everyone can participate in our democracy. Online voter registration is a safe, accessible, and secure way for voters all across this country to sign up to participate in our Democracy. It allows eligible voters to quickly and easily register online to vote from the comfort of their own home. Online voter registration follows the trends of conducting government business online, which helps save taxpayer dollars each election cycle while reducing errors and cleaning up their voter registration database.

Here’s how you can help

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Share with three friends: Let them know how to get registered to vote, vote early in-person or vote-by-mail. Check out these voter resources for more information.

Call or email you federal legislators and let them know you support expanding access to vote-by-mail. When We All Vote recently announced its support for the Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020.