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When We All Vote #SocialSquad

Thank you for signing up to join our digital rapid response team! 

As part of our #socialsquad, you’ll help us by reaching out and sharing important information with your friends, families, and communities on social media before election day. There’s a lot of disinformation around voting out there, and this is one of the best ways to reach people where they are – online!

Using your existing platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…the list goes on), we can reach new audiences, give them the #facts around voting and encourage them to use their voice at the ballot box. We’re in this together and we’re better when we all vote.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to getting started with us on the #SocialSquad!

Step One: Text us!

The main way we’ll be sending you social media posts and graphics to share with your networks is through text messages. To get started, text CLIQUE to (310) 622-8683 (we recommend saving this number to your contacts) — and that’s it!

Follow the prompts to be added to When We All Vote’s list and then stay tuned, you’ll be hearing from us soon!

Step Two: Check your messages

Once you’ve texted CLIQUE to (310) 622-8683, you’ll start hearing from us a few times a week with content we want you to share with your social media network, friends, family, and community. 

The content we’ll be sending you will most often include graphics to share along with suggested copy to use. We’ll do our best to share the graphics in sizes that work for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram stories so you’ll have lots of options. You can download the images to your phone, copy/paste the text, and you’re ready to go!

From educational explainer graphics, to deadline dates and times, to rapid response updates based on fast changing voting information, the content we’re sending you is intended to help spread the word about voting to your networks and combat misinformation. You are helping us expand our reach online and get vital information to voters in these critical last few weeks before Election Day.

Step Three: Start sharing, posting, tweeting, etc.

Once you have the content, send it out to your friends and family and post on your social media platforms. We always want to stay true to the original core of the message but if you’d like, feel free to personalize the content. You can also amplify and share the content we have posted on our social media channels (we recommend setting up notifications to be alerted when we post to share it quickly)!

Make sure to follow us on social media and include the hashtag #WhenWeAllVote in your posts! Tag us to make sure we see the content! 

Here’s where you can find When We All Vote on social media:

And that’s it! You’re ready to share our content with your friends, family, and online community. We’re so happy you’re with us to help spread important voting information in these last crucial weeks. We’ll see you on the internet!

As a final note, please remember that When We All Vote is non-partisan and we do not want any of our content to be accompanied by partisan messaging. Remember our mission: To close the race and age voting gap and ensure every eligible voter has what they need to get registered and out to vote. Our democracy is stronger when people have the information and support they need to vote. 

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