Volunteer Resources

For all Volunteers

Register to Vote and help voters in your community check and/or update their voter registration using the link https://weall.vote/voter.

Learn how to register voters with this step-by-step guide with everything you need to know about voter registration — including how to have conversations with voters, how to plan a voter registration activity, how to use our voter registration tool, and more. 

Host a Voter Registration Drive in your neighborhood, campus, family gathering, or community event. Once you sign up on our page, you’ll receive a unique link that you can use to promote your event to your community.

Texting with When We All Vote is one of the best ways to engage and mobilize voters where they are— on their phones.

Report back to our team – this is crucial to helping our team quantify our collective impact across the country! Don’t forget to send photos to our team at [email protected].

Triple Your Impact Pledge – remind 3 friends/family to register to vote and/or to check their voter registration.

Learn how to use Mobilize to host events – Mobilize is our When We All Vote event platform where you can sign up to host voter registration drives. Use this link to access training videos on how to use Mobilize.

For Chapter Leaders

The Chapter Leader Program is When We All Vote’s grassroots program that recruits, trains, and empowers volunteer leaders. This program activates Chapter Leaders on a monthly basis, and provides exclusive training, leadership development, and extensive support for volunteers across the country. 

Sign up to be a Chapter Leader with When We All Vote to be part of this exclusive community of volunteer leaders in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

Download the Welcome Guide to access all details, program dates, and resources that you need to register voters in your community.

Voter Registration Flyers with our QR code to download and print! Use them to help voters easily check and/or update their voter registration. 

Past Trainings and Graphics where you can get caught up on our volunteer trainings and access When We All Vote graphics for your usage while registering  voters in your community.

Join our Trainings

Chapter Leader Meetings are for When We All Vote volunteers and volunteer leaders. Join us to connect with our Organizing team and with volunteers across the country! On each meeting we discuss ways you can register voters with When We All Vote and make a big difference in your community. 

Upcoming trainings:

May 11 
August 3 
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